Star Granite and Marble

Here are some frequently asked questions about Star Marble & Tile

    1. Do the prices provided include both material and installation?

      Yes. The prices we provide include the cost of materials and installation based on the initial design you have submitted. We will also mount the sink and drop in the cook top at no extra charge. The price does not include plumbing or electrical connections or disconnections. Demolition and sub top costs may be shown as a separate line item and can be performed by Star Marble & Tile or your own contractor.

    2. Are there any hidden fees?

      No. The only variable in our pricing could occur at the time of final measurement for your project. Should our Project Manager find a substantial difference in square footage from the original design, we will prepare a change order for your approval before proceeding. Naturally, any changes to the original design or scope of the project will require new price calculations.

    3. Do you have your own installation crews?

      Yes.We are proud to employ 100% of our installers, who install an average of 75 - 100 kitchens and bathrooms per week.

    4. What is the lead time to complete my work?

      Most projects will be completed in 7 - 10 working days, from the time of final measurement. Final measurement is usually scheduled within 1 - 2 days after material selection. Average kitchen installation times ranges from 1 - 2 days for granite installations and 2 - 3 days if a tile backsplash is included.

    5. What do I need to prepare for the final measurements?

      In order for a Project Manager to visit your job site for final measurements, the following items must be completed and/or be made available to the Project Manager.

      - Cabinets must be installed, demolition completed and a new sub top installed.
      - The material to be used on your project must be pre-selected at Star Marble & Tile's showroom
      - Sink(s) and faucets must be at the job site to be measured.
      - Range/cook top(s), refrigerators, storage units etc., must be at the job site or manufacturer's specifications must be available.

    6. I'm not sure exactly what I want. Can you help me with my project?

      It would be our pleasure.You can schedule a material selection appointment for any of our 3 Southern California showrooms. Our consultants will guide you through the process of picking all of the material(s) for your project. If you wish to meet with one of our stone designers for more involved projects, please let the consultant know when you make your appointment. One hour of FREE STONE DESIGN service - a $250 value - is available to our customers, once a deposit has been made.

    7. What is included if Star Marble & Tile performs the demolition of existing materials?

      Star Marble & Tile will completely remove all materials to be discarded, including existing sink(s) and all trash associated with the demolition. All drainage, water supply lines, gas and electric appliances all must be disconnected in advance of the demolition. We will then install a new plywood subtop, including leveling the area up to 1/4 inch.

    8. Do I need to seal my new granite counter top?

      Star Marble & Tile provides a courtesy seal for your natural granite top(s) to protect against stains. For lighter colored granites in particular, it is highly recommended that the countertop be additionally sealed to further protect against stains from food and liquid spills. You may choose to have this service performed by a professional or purchase the natural stone sealer - for under $50 - and apply the sealer yourself. The sealing process is simple and you can do your counter top in less than an hour.

      Quartz surfaces such as CaesarStone® do not require sealing.

    9. Is there a warranty?

      Yes.All Star Marble & Tile countertops come with a 1 year warranty. Star Marble & Granite will at its option either repair or replace, without charge, the countertop piece if it fails due to any manufacturing defect. Natural imperfections within the stone, food or liquid stains, damage caused by chemicals or physical use or abuse are excluded.

    10. How many seams will there be in my countertop?

      We consider every project a work of art. Our experienced Project Managers will use their expertise and judgment to develop a countertop for you with the fewest possible seams. Countertop layout, sink location, type of material, and other variables will determine the number and location of any seam. Your feedback in this process is always taken into consideration.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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