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Star Marble & Tile is a certified authorized fabricator of CaesarStone® - making us experts on this unique surface and, therefore, able to help you decide the best places to use it within your home or business décor.

CaesarStone® was originally chosen for kitchen countertops in the home. But as its popularity and reputation builds, it's becoming more and more popular for commercial and institutional buildings. Star Marble & Tile recognizes all of these possibilities and is happy to help you figure out where to use this magnificent CaesarStone® in your home or business.

Because CaesarStone® is resistant not only to scratches and stains, but also chemicals and heat, it's an ideal choice for carefree surfaces used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, flooring, tabletops, wall paneling and an array of other decorating choices.

CaesarStone® has a greater consistency than natural stones, which can be often veined and prone to flaws. Its hard, nonporous surfaces make its beauty last and also easy to maintain and clean. Its upkeep is easy and Star Marble & Tile can show you what kind of non-abrasive cleaners to use to retain CaesarStone's® unique beauty.

CaesarStone® is comprised of 93% natural quartz, which is one of nature's most durable minerals. The Quartz is combined with high-quality polymer resins and pigments, then compacted with intense vibration and pressure into dense, non-porous blocks. These blocks are then post cured, gauged to the desired thickness and then polished to attain a brilliant finish that shines beautifully.

This amazing process makes CaesarStone® surfaces and countertops the ultimate choice for today's designer kitchens. And the fact that Star Marble & Tile is a certified authorized fabricator makes us an authority. And we're always here to pass all of our knowledge about this unique surface onto you.

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