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Seen today in regal homes, commercial and civic structures as well as celebrated monuments around the world, Limestone has a long history of use - dating back to ancient Egyptian pyramids. But believe it or not, Limestone has naturally reached greater heights than the pyramids. Over the course of history, our planet's seismic shifts have lifted Limestone miles into the air. In fact, the summit of Mount Everest is Limestone that first lay on the floor of the ocean.

Historians believe Limestone is the first stone used in large-scale building projects because of it being the most plentiful sedimentary stone available. Its accessibility is matched only by it's beauty - making Limestone a stately choice for use as countertops, flooring, walls (both inside and outside of the home or business) and even exterior paving.

Limestone's texture varies from coarse to fine and is composed almost entirely of calcium carbonate. It is quarried in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, India and the United States after forming over extensive periods of time by the sequential layering of marine invertebrates skeletons as well as by water evaporation cycles, which leaves layers of calcium carbonate deposits.

Limestone usually boasts a white hue, but sometimes boasts shades of brown, yellow or red resulting from iron oxide impurities. Similarly, colors of blue, black or grey can appear within the Limestone as a result of carbon deposits.

Much like Granite, Limestone is hard, dense and stain-resistant. Limestone is also nonporous, making it ideal work surfaces.

Because Star Marble & Tile's employees are each experts in Limestone as well as all the other natural and fabricated stone we carry, they can guide you through selection, installation and even use. For example, household-cleaning products can change the finish of Limestone and, therefore, should be used sparingly. Limestone that's been honed or refined is less susceptible to show changes in its finish.

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