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A popular choice worldwide, Marble carries the distinction of being the Emperor Shah Jahan's chosen stone to represent his commitment to his wife when constructing the famed Taj Mahal.

Distinctive Marble offers a sophisticated flair to your home's or business' décor. Not only handsome in appearance, Marble is easy to maintain and therefore becomes a natural choice for flooring, walls, tabletops, bathroom surfaces (including vanity tops, tub decks and showers), countertops, fireplace facings, hearths and windowsills. Marble is incredibly durable and, therefore, also highly suitable for indoor use including statuary pillars. In fact, Marbles versatility is matched easily by its elegance and convenience.

Marble is quarried in all parts of the world, including Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain as well as the United States. Marble is comprised of metaphoric rock that's formed when limestone is crystallized through intense pressure and heat. Marble's distinctive grains and patterns can be seen throughout its texture, creating the appearance of swirl-like patterns. Marble is available in an incredible variety of colors including pure white and solid black. As a result of oxidized iron, some Marble even features distinctive rust markings.

Star Marble & Tile is able to assist you in choosing the right places to use Marble in your home or business décor. Because we know so much about this and other natural stone and manufactured surfaces we sell, we are able to make recommendations to ensure that Marble lasts in your home and maintains its beauty.

For example, using Marble in the kitchen is a popular choice for its perfectly smooth, constantly cool surfaces (making it ideal as a pastry slab). However, you'll want to limit Marble's contact with certain food products (including mustard, vinegar, ketchup, etc.) because of Marble's calcium carbonate composition. In other words, some acidic substances can cause a chemical reaction that can remove Marble's luster. The same is true for cleaning products. Always use sealers and cleaning products designed for natural stone substances. Star Marble & Tile is happy to make specific recommendations.

Star Marble & Tile is on-hand to answer all of your questions about Marble and to make recommendations that will beautify your home with this handsome choice.

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