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Soapstone can range in age from 300 to 400 million years, depending on which part of the world it's quarried from. In fact, for thousands of years, Soapstone has been used throughout the world not just for decorating but for tools, vases, goblets, sculptures, fireplaces and more. As villages and towns began constructing individual home units, Soapstone became a common choice for sinks. And its popularity has continued to grow ever since.

Soapstone's rich and beautiful history continues to flourish today as it's used for countertops, fireplace hearths and even fireplace stoves. But Soapstone uses don't stop there. Soapstone is remarkable in regard to its durability and strength. That's why it's a top choice for use as sinks in science classrooms.

Throughout the design community it's popular for use in a large variety of ways and is quickly becoming a top choice of interior decorators and artists. One of the many reasons for this is its unique and durable texture, making Soapstone as popular for how it looks as for how it's used.

Quarried in the same way that Granite and Marble are, Soapstone is comprised of magnesite, dolomite, chlorite and talc. As with talc, Soapstone is soft to the touch - a similar experience to touching a bar of dry soap, hence its fitting name. But don't let the softness fool you. Soapstone is non-absorbent and any apparent staining can usually be scrubbed or sanded off (unlike most granite, limestone or travertine).

Soapstone is popular for instantly instilling a warm, country-like feel within the home and yet is so versatile it can be easily applied to ultra modern designs (even for commercial properties). And talk about durable! Even after years of daily use, Soapstone can be re-finished to an original-looking state that makes it seem as if it was just installed.

Star Marble & Tile has made it our mission to find Soapstone in many types and varieties - and we happily pass all of these options and choices onto you.

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