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The Roman Coliseum's external walls were made of Travertine, a handsome, sedimentary rock comprised of calcium carbonate formed by natural geysers when the extremely hot underground water dissolves the underlying limestone and then lifts it closer to the earth's surface due to pressure from the geyser water.

This incredible - and natural - process results in dissolved limestone, which re-hardens into stone after the water falls to the ground and evaporates. This new stone is full of gas bubbles, which give Travertine its signature appearance. Travertine is usually filled with cement, then polished and refined when manufactured for use as tiles or slabs for decorating use. Travertine is quarried in diverse locales including Egypt, Idaho, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

Because of its unique, bubble-like structure, Travertine has become an enormously popular choice for use in residential as well as in commercial properties. It's beauty makes for incredible flooring, tile or wall material that can't be matched.

Travertine features ornate coloring and banding - a direct result of its natural iron compounds. Within the design community, Travertine is similarly known as onyx marble, Mexican onyx and Egyptian or Oriental alabaster.

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