Star Granite and Marble

We're big enough to offer all the selection you could ever imagine. And because of the many years we've been in business, our industry-wide connections, and all of the beautiful surfaces we offer being factory direct, we're able to pass along incredible savings to you. We've cut out the middle man and never use subcontractors - which means we are by your side during every step of the process. We'll be with you from sales to selection to installation. We take pride in our work and make sure all of our customers are 100% satisfied and pleased with the results. That's the Star Marble & Tile difference - a difference you won't find anywhere else.

Star Marble & Tile takes as much pride in our work as you do in your home. Upgrading homes with our unqiue and sought-after surfaces not only transforms them in beautiful, artistic ways, but also increases the value of your home. And because we enjoy making your dreams a reality, we make the entire process of selecting beautiful and unique surfaces for your home enjoyable - from your first contact with us until the day you're showing off your new installations to your friends and family. All of the surfaces we use are factory direct - so you can always be sure of the quality and workmanship. Plus, our experienced installers each have 5-10 years of experience and take great pride in all of the work they do. We even make getting an estimate simple. In fact, we can usually get back to you within 24-48 hours from the time you initially contact us.

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Star Marble & Tile happily offers the highest quality and value - along with an incredibly diverse collection of natural and fabricated surfaces to choose from. Whether it's Granite, Marble, Caesarstone, Limestone, Travertine, Soapstone - or something entirely different - we have what it takes to make your customers' dreams come true - making your company shine time and time again.. You'll find we're dedicated not only to supplying our outstanding surfaces and fabrications, but also supporting your staff with display assistance or direction along with education and knowledge about every surface you're offering. You can consider all of us at Star Marble & Tile part of your team - and equally dedicated to your success. Have a plan? A goal? A new idea? Give us 24-48 hours and we'll put that plan into action.

Send us your designs through the free estimate form. Or, you can also call us at 888-982-2863!

Star Marble & Tile remains on the cutting edge of interior design and stays ahead of the curve in regard to home design trends. We're always on hand to offer a friendly and helpful atmosphere within our showroom - allowing you instant access to the many different services and natural and fabricated stone surfaces we offer. In other words, we make you look good to all of your customers, no matter what "look" you're designing for them or how complicated the job might be. We gladly provide you with many different options, solutions and competitive prices that will help you to continually impress your customers. Just email through this site or fax your initial drawings to us and within 24-48 hours of receiving them, we'll be in touch with an action plan that will leave your clients elated.

Send us your designs through the free estimate form. Or, you can also call us at 888-982-2863!

Contractors, Builders & Developers
Star Marble & Granite specializes in satisfying the most demanding clients with our guaranteed service and our extensive inventory. We can fabricate stone products for any project you bring to us - no matter how large or small. We've provided surfaces and installation for tract homes, multiple unit apartments and condominiums, apartment building, model homes, retail and commercial spaces, restaurants and more. You'll find there's no limit to what we can provide - no matter how big your project is (or how tight the deadline). What's more, we can deliver straight to the site of your job. Think of us as your ally in the business.

Send us your designs through the free estimate form. Or, you can also call us at 888-982-2863!

Along with owner Ricardo Tucios, all of our employees are devoted to old world workmanship while offering the latest solutions that deliver the best possible experience for your project. We consider each of our projects works of art - and aren't satisfied unless all of our customers feel the same way. Let Star Marble & Tile know exactly what you're looking for - and we'll make it happen.

Homeowners SAVE 5% by filling out our free estimate form, send us your designs through the free estimate form. Or, you can call us at 888-982-2863!